Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is You, Me, We Oakley?

You, Me, We Oakley! is a program that seeks to integrate immigrants and newcomers in our community. We believe that it is important to increase the participation of all our community members, including immigrants and newcomers. Through this program we want to be proactive in avoiding any tensions that may arise due to the changing demographics of our small city. Through the activities that we have planned throughout the year as well as the reminder of Oakley’s Welcoming Principles that we uphold, we believe that our residents are working hard to welcome other fellow residents.


2.    Who pays for the expenses of the You, Me, We Oakley program?

The You, Me, We Oakley! program is a grant funded collaborative that is funded solely through 2 local foundations as well as Welcoming America. This collaboration includes the City of Oakley, Liberty Union High School District, Oakley Unified Elementary School District, local businesses, local churches, CCISCO and other local community based organizations and Oakley community members.


3.    How does Oakley benefit from this program?

Oakley stands to benefit from this program because those who fully participate in the activities will have the opportunities to spend time and have honest conversations with other community members that are different from themselves. The program also seeks to help the community come together and learn to recognize our common values, as well as embrace and appreciate our existing diversity. We seek to build our community up by creating relationships between the different sectors of the city in order to create those relationships that will allow us to treat each other with respect and dignity. This is quite similar to the work that some schools in our city have implemented such as Rachael’s Challenge.


4.    Was this program started to serve the Latino community?

Although Oakley's population stands at about 34% Latino, You, Me, We Oakley! was not developed to only serve the Latino population. This program was created because concerned community members recognized the need to involve newcomers and immigrants in our community. We also seek to bring the different sectors of our community together in order to improve the relationships within our community and achieving to create an inclusive community. We want everyone who lives, works, visits and goes to school in Oakley to feel that they are accepted in our city.


5.    How can I participate as an individual?

You can become one of our You, Me, We Oakley! Ambassadors. Ambassadors help give presentations to educate others on what You, Me, We Oakley! is. We also have our Ambassadors contribute to our various projects. Most importantly, our Ambassadors set an example on how to be accepting toward the diversity of the City of Oakley and they demonstrate the You, Me, We Oakley! principles.


6.    What are the You, Me, We Oakley! principles?

The You, Me, We Oakley! Principles that community members commit to are the following:

  1. I have a shared responsibility to treat ALL our neighbors with dignity and respect that they deserve as a member of our community.
  2. I reject the use of exclusionary or de-humanizing language; this includes recognizing and understanding how stereotypes harm our community.
  3. I will challenge common myths and stereotypes that only serve to divide our community.
  4. I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.
  5. I will try to put myself in someone else’s shoes in order to understand their point of view.
  6. I will develop an understanding of cultures other than my own.
  7. I will not judge, nor discriminate, others without first attempting to get to know them and their story.
  8. I, as a member of the Oakley community, will acknowledge that everyone has unique qualities which contribute to our community and make this the beautiful City it is today.
  9. I commit to ensuring that any community activities that I am involved in will be inclusive and inviting to all community members.       
  10. I will make sure to keep an open mind and an open heart in order to be accepting of all who visit, live, work and play in the great City of Oakley.                                                                                                                                               


7.   How can we participate as a group, church, or an organization?

If you are a group that is currently active in Oakley and/or is composed of Oakley residents please let us know. We are happy to inform groups about You, Me, We Oakley! and could do so if we are given a few minutes at a weekly or monthly meeting. Another option is to work in partnership with the You, Me, We Oakley! program to hold a Bridge-Building Workshop. As a group in our community, you could also make sure that the You, Me, We Oakley principles are applied to every event that you participate in and you could invite You, Me, We Oakley! to the events as well.


8.    Does You, Me, We Oakley provide services for undocumented immigrants?

You, Me, We Oakley! does not provide any kind of services for undocumented immigrants, nor was it created in order to provide direct services for immigrants. You, Me, We Oakley! was created in order to create an inclusive community here in Oakley. You, Me, We Oakley! does not promote any policy nor do we affiliate ourselves with any political party.


Events & Updates


We are currently seeking cultural performances and booth exhibitors for the Heart of Oakley Festival. If interested in learning more or in filling out the application, please visit Heart of Oakley Festival>>. To view pictures from the Heart of Oakley Festival in 2015, visit our Facebook page>>



August 6, 2016 (in English) & August 13, 2016 (in Spanish) Training is hosted in partnership with New Lifeline Ministries and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Mental Health Training>>



Need help applying for U.S. Citizenship through the Naturalization process? Our fall Citizenship Drive is taking place September 24 in the Oakley Council ChambersCitizenship Drive>>



We are gearing up for Oakley’s third Día de los Muertos Cultural Workshop on October 29, 2016 at Oakley City Hall. For more information, visit Día de los Muertos Workshop>>



Take a look at our video starring fellow community members that decided to share their immigrant experience! Go to our Facebook page in order to share your thoughts on the video!

A special thanks to our participants and Storytellers for Good for the great work they did!